When a piece of jewelry from one of my relatives is passed along to me, I love repurposing it so it becomes something that I wear on a regular bases. I work with artists to create custom pieces that are well crafted (and reuse the materials). It’s a collaboration of past and present making my jewelry unique and extra sentimental. .When my grandmother (dad’s side) passed away she left me her wedding ring. I remember her sharing with me, when I was very little, her idea for a new setting she wanted to get: my opinion mattered to her and that was really special to me. She designed her setting and now I designed mine. The design this time was inspired from another ring I had repurposed. When I was gifted a pale sapphire ring from my great grandmother (mom’s side), I designed a setting that wrapped the stone: to protect it and for the look. I wanted the design for the new ring to complement it. I love the way it turned out. I keep staring at them. They look great when worn separately but together…BOOM. The women on both sides of my family are extremely creative. When I wear them I feel like I am Wonder Woman and these are my super power rings.🏻 MUCH thanks to my parents for the best Christmas gift. Love. Love. Love.

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