What to Wear on First Dates, Men’s Style

What to do and what to wear on first dates can be tricky. I have some tips for guys that should make this experience easier and less stressful. We should be enjoying the journey after all, right?

First dates don’t have to be a big ordeal. Try to keep them simple and short. This allows you to test the water before diving in deep. I highly recommend keeping them public (for safety), keeping them to about an hour (in case things go wrong) and keeping them alcohol free. While alcohol can give us liquid courage, it also fuzzies our judgment. Having a clear mind on this sort of stuff is taking good care of yourself.

My three suggestions for first dates:

1) Take a stroll through the park. What a lovely thing to do on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Perhaps stop for ice cream or lemonade.

2) Instead of committing to full on dinner, how about meeting up for just dessert? Pick a place that’s known for their yummies and meet up there. Don’t forget to share bites.

3) Have a creative moment and take in a temporary art exhibit at a museum. Maybe Monet is in town for a few months. Go see it and have plenty to talk about.

As far as what to wear for each outing, you’ll have to watch the video. Just remember that putting effort into yourself helps you feel good about yourself. You’ll bring this feeling to the date and that’s always a good thing. Not only do you feel good about yourself, it shows respect for the person you’re with. It will go appreciated.

I’m always happy to answer style questions or offer any help. Feel free to reach out.

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