Tutu TUE rocks

One of my favorite days at Burning Man is TUE; aka Tutu TUE. It’s the day that everyone is encouraged to wear a tutu. When people get dressed that day, they just put on a tutu and go. Actually more like skip, hop or bounce down the road. There’s just something about a tutu that makes us want to play.

Prior to the event, I sent out a note to my camp Dare 2B Rare (best camp ever) asking if anyone needed a new tutu. I got a show of hands saying yes. I had fun matching their personalities with the right tutu. Here is what I came up with. Enjoy.

P.S. To put a smile on your face when you’re in a blue mood, get yourself a tutu and put it on. Nothing cheers you up like a tutu. 😀

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