My Truth about Burning Man

I’ve been going to Burning Man for the last 8 years. It has been a huge part of my life. I have learned so much about others and myself through my adventures on the playa. I am truly grateful for all the fun and life changing experiences.

There is a side of Burning Man that doesn’t sit well with me. I haven’t been upfront about my concern. I have pretended that I’m OK with it to avoid stirring things up with people who are very close to me. But this issue is very dear to my heart and being quiet has been unsettling.

During my yoga studies on the Yamas with Janet Stone, we intensely explored Satya. Satya is about speaking the truth. We hear of the cold, hard truth. It doesn’t have to be that way. The truth can be spoken with fierce compassion. So instead of being quiet, I want to speak about my concerns with Burning Man with mindfulness and care.

A lot of consumption takes place due to the event. This leaves a huge carbon footprint. Our planet is under a lot of stress. It’s changing in ways that are making it unlivable. It’s important that we acknowledge that humans are the cause of this. Our actions need to change to help the planet, not add to the downfall.

I was raised to be an environmentalist, and I love it. I do what I can to care for this beautiful planet. I do it because I want to, but also because I need to.

I do believe in the spirit of the Burn. I love the art, the expression and the culture that generates a lot of love. If the event could be managed and run with mindfulness and care for Mother Nature, that would be wonderful. Until that happens, with a conscious mind I won’t be returning.

I needed to say that. Thanks for listening.

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