Totally Custom via me, Personal Stylist and Designer all in one

All Sutter Larkin pieces are one-of-a-kinds. The production process I have come up with allows me to create 100% unique garments. Each piece has its own personality. It’s one of the reasons why my customers are very found of their purchases.

Another step I like to take to personalize a piece is making sure it fits well. If something doesn’t fit right, it won’t get worn. An adjustment here and a tuck there can turn a so-so piece to your favorite to-go piece.

I had one of my neighbors over for some wine a little while ago. She wanted to look through what I had on the racks and ended up buying a skirt. In order for it to fit properly, it needed to be taken in around the waist (by a lot). I was more than happy to do it for it.

Once I got to work, I came across a bump in the road. By bringing it in to fit her waist, it would be too small to fit over her hips. In order to accommodate for the smaller opening, we would need to lengthen the zipper. By the design of the skirt, this was absolutely impossible. So I thought.

This is a really good neighbor and one who I really respect. I didn’t want to let her down. I kept playing around until finally a solution came to me. To lengthen the slit below the zipper, I would cut the skirt. Then I create a top and lower flap. I used industrial, high-powered glue and hand-sewed Velcro over the zipper and further down. I sewed the skirt back up and added a power snap to keep the flap closed. From the outside, it looks like the exact skirt. Backstage, it’s an entirely different skirt, completely customized.

That was one of my more clever solutions. I just love it when this sort of stuff happens. Not sure who was more excited with the results: her or me. Doesn’t matter.

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