These 4 pieces (jacket, shirt, necklace & earrings) have accumulatively been part of my wardrobe for 60 years. We have had so much fun together: Oh if they could talk. I know where, when & why I purchased each one. And I plan on keeping them around for years to come. .I got the necklace in Jackson Hole, WY at a trunk show in 2001. The artist was from Washington state at would take vintage brooches and turn them into necklaces. I was at a low point and didn’t have much money at the time. But this necklace spoke to me. I thought about it for the length of the party. I remember finally thinking “Fuck it. Do something nice for yourself.” A few days later I signed on a new client with big bucks. Ever since it has been my Go-To piece when meeting with new prospects. 🤩

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