There is scientific proof that the clothes you wear have a direct effect of how you feel and carry yourself. Hence my chosen attire for today: I needed to remind myself that I am an Earth Warrior. I know that change is not served on a silver platter, with sparkles and champagne. I know that part of the process includes struggle and loss: with what’s going on in the Amazon and the Endangered Species Act is proving that. What I couldn’t possible imagine was how hard it was going to hurt when those major blows become the limelight. I have allow myself to go through the emotions so I can be done with them. Then I paused and chose how I want to react. This time I’ve chosen resilience and determination. I know that energy follows thought – by putting myself into this mindset I become it. If you are feeling overwhelmed, defeated and hopeless, that’s OK. Allow yourself to feel that way, but don’t let those feelings determined your direction. If you need a little help getting out of your funk, treat yourself with love and kindness. Maybe get outside and breathe deep with your face in the sun. It’s always good to read something that inspires you. Or it can be as simple as putting on your favorite sweatshirt. Then enjoy the magic of self-love and manifestation. It really does help.

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