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Last & final look (whew!). Totally spontaneous. Plan was to bring back parts of look #1 but my mood switched. Skirt purchased 7 years ago in San Francisco. Would I purchase a brand new leather piece today? Nope. There are so many amazing sustainable options now. However, this one is made from hide of a cow that was bred for the food industry (not just for the sake of leather) so it’s got that going for it. Certain I will get another 10 years out of it, it’s so amazing. Boots are by Fiorentini + Baker, purchased 12 years ago. Been resoled twice. Why? I mean…did you see the buttons? Top by Elizabeth and Jainey. Gal-pal was like “done!” I was like “I’ll take!” And that’s a wrap.


It’s time to kiss trends good-bye. Here are my reasons: #Fashion #Health #wellness…