Services and Pricing

20-Minute Complimentary Call

There are many directions you can take when it comes to enhancing your personal style. The process works best when you and I have the same goals in mind. The first step is understanding those goals. Before we begin this journey, let’s talk and sort it out. I’ll share with you my self-love and sustainable approach to styling while you share with me your unique and fabulous story as to why and how you’re wanting change. We’ll get acquainted and decide if we’re the right fit. Think of it as girl talk, with a purpose.


Personal Style Blueprint

Personal style is about knowing who you are and expressing it freely. You are meant to stand out and deserve to do so. One of my favorite services is my Personal Style Blueprint consultation. We’ll go over a list of fun and thoughtful questions that will unveil your personality and style. With this insight I will create a Style Blueprint that’s all about you. These guidelines can be applied to the way you dress and so much more. You are one in 7.5 billion: time to own it.

Appointments generally last an hour and can be done in person, over the phone, or through FaceTime or Skype.


Closet Cleanse

Cleaning out your closet can be a drag, especially when you’re not sure where to begin. With my help, we can make the process fun and the results will leave you with a fully personalized, enhanced and functioning wardrobe.

We’ll go through your collection and decide what to keep, what to donate, and what may have potential. No hanger will be left behind. This process is about deciding what pieces work best for you and make you feel your best. It’s also about letting go of the misfits that just take up space.

For the items that have potential, we’ll take a good look and see if a simple adjustment could make them a keeper. Sometimes mending, altering, or a small enhancement can make a big difference. The words care, repair and re-wear will soon be part of your stream of conscious.

With the star keepers, I’ll showcase various outfits with each so you can maximize their potential (yep, a set of digital photos will be provided either via text or email). You’ll view your wardrobe in a positive new light and rekindle the love for what you already have (which is fabulous for you and the planet).

If there are gaps in the basics that need to be filled, we’ll check out earth-friendly options like purchasing from authentic sustainable brands, iconic vintage pieces, hitting a clothing swap or even renting.

Shopping requires an additional appointment and is an additional cost.

Starting at $525 (3 hour minimum)
Additional hours: $175
Travel costs not included.

Outfit Selections

So you’ve got the clothes, now you need to know how to combine your individual pieces into stylish outfits. I have a few options for ways I can help:

Weekly : Once a week I’ll send you (via text or email) personalized outfit combinations so you’re ready to go. Say good-bye to changing your shirt six times before heading out the door. Instead, start your day with ease and peace of mind.

Special Occasions : Hot date, job interview, wedding, charity gala. You name it and I’ll get you decked out for the event. Be prepared to shine.

Travel : Instead of packing everything in your closet “just in case,” I’ll pick out what will be the best for your trip. Selection will be based off of the location, season, duration and purpose of your travels.

Price determined by your specific needs. An estimate will be provided.

Style Exchange

Clothing swaps aren’t what they used to be. Being green is the new black, and getting many uses out of one item is as green as you can get. Host a fabulous style affair to get your friends and family looking great and doing what’s best for our planet. I’ll do all the work to make sure you have fun and are able to engage with your guests. Here are the deets:

  • We set the date, time and location. From there, I’ll take over from getting the invites out to arranging refreshments and beverages. I have all the racks, hangers and displays to create an intimate and charming pop-up shop. I’ve even got the careful cleanup.
  • Each guest will be asked bring items of clothing (in really good condition and in season) they simply don’t wear anymore, especially the ones in the back of their closet with the tags still on. Bringing shoes and accessories is highly encouraged as well.
  • While you and your guests mingle and enjoy refreshments, I’ll set up a boutique of all the merchandise.
  • Once ready, everyone will be invited into the boutique to shop and try things on. I’ll be available for consulting on fit and style ideas.
  • As soon as guests find something they can’t live without, they take it home!
  • When the party’s over, I will take the remaining pieces and donate them to charity of your choice. You will receive a write-off for the donation.
  • How-To Workshops (such as easy repairs or cool upcycling) can be part of the party, too.

Price determined by your specific needs. An estimate will be provided.

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