Quick, look. Fast fashion sucks.

Sustainable fashion is a passion of mine. Taking care of this planet is important to me. When it comes to harming the earth, fashion is one of the largest offenders. A lot of people do not know this. The good news is there are a lot of people who want to change the industry to be environmental.

Most people involved with sustainable fashion know about The Copenhagen Fashion Summit. It takes place annually and is hosted by The Global Fashion Agenda. It is an international sustainable fashion event in which the purpose is to create a common understanding of the most critical issues facing the industry and planet. Its other focus is to gain industry-wide commitments from companies to change their practices to be ethical and sustainable.

This year they released the Pulse of the Fashion Industry report. They collaborated with The Boston Consulting Group to create an in-depth assessment of the industry’s environmental and social performance. Let me tell ya, it is meaty. It has over 134 pages full of statistics, charts and graphs. It is thorough and can be a bit overwhelming.

To get a clearer comprehension of the content, I started reading various recaps on it. I considered myself lucky when I came across Eleanor O’Neill’s, Founder of STUDY 34, recap in the Huffington Post, United Kingdom. She did an amazing job on simplifying the content and keeping the key focus points relevant. Her words inspired me to create a chart to give a visual representation.

I created this to give people an overview of the environmental impacts the fashion industry creates. Education creates awareness. Awareness creates change. I also included solutions. The word “collaboration” was consistent throughout all the recaps. The solutions provided are to encourage you to do what you can to make a difference.

Want to know more? Feel free to reach out. I’d be more than happy to answer any questions.

View full chart: Pulse Of Fashion Breakdown

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