Oh my heart is full. It was COLD early this morning which made it easy for people to stay in bed. But these lovely people put self-love first and showed up to Chill & Cocoa in Central Park anyway. And boy did their work paid off: it turned into such a BEAUTIFUL day. We inhaled and we exhaled the crisp autumn air. We opened up our nadis and made space for love. We let the sun shine on our faces and opened our hearts. When practice ended I poured hot chocolate topped with marshmallows. Some had to take off for their next adventure while the rest stuck around to enjoy the outdoors and each others’ company. I even teared up at one point realizing what I had manifested. This is what I live for…bringing more love into this world through the power of self-love. #GratefulAsAllFuck And of course I served the chocolate in 100% compostable, 65% less CO2, chlorine free, soy based ink, no sleeve required cups.

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