Love with moments

I think there are two Holidays that American yogis tend to favor. One is Thanksgiving, the day of gratitude. The other is Valentine’s Day, the day of love. Some may question the second one since it can be a lot about materialism and shallow actions. That aside, the essence of the day still holds true: share your love with someone you love. Love rocks. Why not celebrate it?

This is what this blog is about. Celebrating love. It’s not about stuff. There’s not much depth in stuff. This is about thoughtfulness and quality time. It’s about remembering the one you care about and treasuring his or her uniqueness. It’s about wellbeing, creative juices and growth. These are things that are good for your relationship and your souls. Amoré! Plus, Mother Nature prefers these gifts, too. Stuff will eventually end up in the landfill and contaminate our soils and water sources. I promise you, Mama Nature doesn’t want it. Here are some gifts that will nurture your relationship and this planet.

Volunteer and Donate
Schedule some time to volunteer at a charity or cause that’s dear to your darlin’s heart. Go together and experience transformation. Helping others will have a positive effect on you as individuals, and in return will strengthen your relationship. An added bonus: leave a donation in his or her name before heading home.

Gift of Wellness
Healthy bodies and peace of minds lead to healthy relationships. Purchase gift certificates to a wellness approach you can do together, then be sure to get it on your calendars. Some ideas: private yoga or palates sessions; attend guided mediations; consultation with a nutritionist or personal trainer. Couples massages are sexy, especially in the comfort of your own home.

Lessons and Workshops
Sharp and simulated minds keep relationships from getting dull. Sign up for something that’s new for the both of you. Learn to be a DJ or a mixologist. Take dance lessons; doesn’t have to be ballroom. Salsa or hip hop gets the bootie in motion, and that’s always fun. Partake in art: play with clay, mess with paint or pound some metal. Learn a language. Doesn’t matter. Take your mind, and relationship, to someplace new.

An Event (that you are not crazy about)
This one is not about you. This one all about your Valentine, and that’s a good thing. Purchasing tickets to an event that he or she will love (and that you’re totally not psyched about) is an act of love. Who’s their favorite sports team? Is there a play or musical they’ve been dying to see? What about an exhibit at the museum? Their favorite band is on tour? Buy the tickets. Go. Smile. Have a good time. Stop by their favorite restaurant or bar before or after. Make it a night. It’s romantic because you completely thought of him or her, and that’s one hell of an awesome gift.

Here’s to love and this beautiful planet we get to love on.

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