In 2011 I launched my own clothing line with absolutely zero prior industry education or experience; from day one I have been winging it – and what a ride. The learning process has been phenomenal. It is the knowledge I’ve gained while on this journey that propelled me into the Sustainable Fashion Movement. I didn’t know about the dark side of an industry that comes off so pretty. This also triggered me to step back from designing because the direction I was heading was not in line with my green heart. If I was going to inspire solutions to help the planet then I needed to walk the walk. At the time I wasn’t doing enough. My move to NYC and surrounding myself with tree-huggers and change makers is where I found the direction that works best for me and our Mother Earth. And it feels so good. I’m back in the game. Check out my newly revamped website that tells the story of Sutter Larkin plus why I take this totally unique approach to wearable art. I’m not going to lie: I’m super-proud of how this. Namaste & tree-hugs.

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