Kind words : Grateful heart.

Carrie is incredibly in tune both spiritually and physically. She’s the best yoga instructor I’ve ever had. She pushes you to do and be more and is the genuine real-deal. Carrie’s class is actually the only class where I’ve ever been able to shut my thoughts off,and really think just about the yoga and the experience, so I could really see results. She’s also a wonderful person…the kind of positive light we all need to surround ourselves with. Highly recommend.
~ Erica K.

Carrie is a kind, welcoming teacher who brings positive energy to the yoga studio. She guides a challenging flow while encouraging her students to make necessary adjustments. I take a weekly class with Carrie, and she is great at mixing in new poses and sequences into vinyasa practice. Carrie is an amazing teacher and I always look forward to her classes!
~ Rebecca E.

I love yoga with Carrie! She not only helps open up and release all the tension spots, she is amazing at helping me simultaneously center myself. I feel light as a feather after a session with Carrie. Cannot recommend her enough!
~ Anonymous

Carrie lives her practice and that shows in her teaching. She is thoughtful, genuine and engaged – all while keeping a great sense of humor and playlist.
~ Janel H.

Carrie is the rare combination of a true professional with the soul of a yogi. She’s a fantastic yoga teacher and a creative, intuitive person who understands her students’ needs, and her background in the corporate world means she also knows the importance of being reliable and trustworthy.
~ Stacy T.

Carrie’s classes were wonderful. I always felt that I got a very good workout, while at the same time was able to really work on my breathing and meditation. A very balanced, rewarding class. Carrie is very personable and warm, making her an A+ teacher.
~ Anonymous