Clients’ Ovations

That feeling of knowing I’ve enhanced someone’s life is what I live for. It is an honor to receive these words from the people I work with.

I’ve never been good with buying clothes or putting together outfits. My friend Carrie told me about her services and that was exactly what I needed. She came over, went through my closet and showed me how to put together great combinations for various looks, all with the clothes I already had. It was like I had 50% more outfits to wear! I can also text her a photo of something I am wearing and get feedback on it as well as how to better accessorize. I would recommend Carrie for anyone who wants to change, update or just tweak their style a bit. She also will take you shopping for a special event or to add to your collection.
~ Jessica B.

Oh how I love getting clothing suggestions from Carrie. She’s brilliant at knowing my style and picking out items without hesitation. Whenever I wear something she suggested, I can be assured to receive many compliments. Love the added confidence in what I’m wearing when inspired from a professional that really knows how to capture my authentic personal style through clothing and accessories.
~ Jacqueline N.

I approached Carrie because like many women “my age”, I felt that my look was dated and boring. I wanted to add some new pieces to my existing wardrobe to give my look just a little more edge and excitement. Clothes are a challenge for me–I’m 5’10” and curvy, but not curvy enough for the big girl sizes. I’m also super picky and very opinionated which combine to make shopping a tough job, but Carrie was very much up for the challenge. We talked it over, I gave her my size info and general likes and dislikes and we set a date to go shopping in SF.  On our shopping date, we visited several stores that I’d never been to and I saw things that I loved–clean, simple lines with interesting details that actually fit MY body. It was a great day and the result was that I bought several new outfits that looked great and felt right.  Overall, I found working with Carrie very enjoyable.  She’s fun, and she gets it.  I found new places to shop and learned new ways to use color in ways that work for me. I would recommend Carrie to anyone–man or woman–who wants to take personal fashion up a notch.
~ Julia A.

I originally got to know Carrie through her custom designed Burning Man clothes. Tons of creativity and very original pieces of clothing/art. I was starting a new job and wanted a wardrobe makeover so I reached out to her to help me with styling from casual to business formal. She spent the time to get to know me, my environment and what I would be comfortable wearing considering my lifestyle and personality. She picked out a great selection with many options. Many I wouldn’t have tried on myself but I’m glad I did. Lot’s of compliments in and out of work.

Best of all, she’s a lot of fun and makes the whole process a great experience!
~ Mike P.

I have experienced varying levels of attention and assistance across the country. I can tell you that Carrie is top-notch, and I would not hesitate to recommend her to friends and family! While the purpose of this trip was a weekend getaway, I plan to return and shop with Carrie.  I’ve lived a number of places and now reside in Scottsdale. In almost 3 years, I have yet to meet anyone in either Arizona location who offers anything close to the service I experienced with her. Carrie is an exceptional stylist.  My only “complaint” is that she’s not closer to my home!
~ Renee F.

Carrie was fantastic!!  Not only did she fit me in for an appointment with only an hour to prep….she showed me amazing outfits and completely understood what I was looking to achieve in that shopping trip! She is an amazing personal stylist, a total professional, and made the entire experience wonderful!!!
~ Sandra S.

I needed help finding an outfit for my company’s Christmas party. It was last minute and I was in quite a panic with not sure what to wear or do. You quickly went to work, found out my needs, and easily calmed me down and made me feel very comfortable. I want to commend you on being so calm and such an effective problem solver, and ultimately helping me with a great outfit that I felt confident in.
~ Faria P.