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I cannot lie: I love skirts & boots, especially my Fryes. I got them in 2004. I take great care of them, and they are my most comfortable boots ever. Classic, iconic and cool. They deserve my TLC and being part of so many of my crazy adventures. Skirts: on the left I discovered at a sample sale. On the right is a thrift store find. Both have part of my wardrobe for more than 6 years. When I find beautiful things to add to my wardrobe I take care of them so I can enjoy them longer. And let me tell ya, I save a shit-ton on money since I don’t have to buy new stuff all the time. Going green is gold, baby.

Utt-oh moment…didn’t give myself enough time to capture this amazing dress before heading out to the @obieawards. These are the best I got. Ta-dah! This emerald green gem is a Trina Turk from 4 years ago. I found it WAY back in the clearance rack at Nordstrom Rack (hello, kick-ass deal). I’m guessing no one wanted it because the size label was missing??? (these things happen, humans). It’s an incredibly beautiful dress that makes me feel incredible. A few lessons here: 1) as a stylist, best to schedule proper time to capture looks. Duh. 2) you are more than a number on a tag. Don’t let it define you. 3) take care of your beautiful things so you can enjoy them for years.

These 4 pieces (jacket, shirt, necklace & earrings) have accumulatively been part of my wardrobe for 60 years. We have had so much fun together: Oh if they could talk. I know where, when & why I purchased each one. And I plan on keeping them around for years to come. .I got the necklace in Jackson Hole, WY at a trunk show in 2001. The artist was from Washington state at would take vintage brooches and turn them into necklaces. I was at a low point and didn’t have much money at the time. But this necklace spoke to me. I thought about it for the length of the party. I remember finally thinking “Fuck it. Do something nice for yourself.” A few days later I signed on a new client with big bucks. Ever since it has been my Go-To piece when meeting with new prospects. 🤩

This look is all about the choker. I got it at a Western boutique in Portland OR over 20 years ago. Accessories are the frosting of a great look: that’s why I always purchase quality, take good care and keep them forever. Cover yourself with the good stuff. Tip on being unique: stay clear of the mass produced, cheap stuff. Support artisan’s and your style dial will reach a new high. The J.Crew blouse is from 2009. Current/Elliott skirt is from 2015 and a wardrobe stable of mine. Boots: Vince Camuto. Yes, you’ve seen them before. I wear them ALL THE TIME cause they are so frickin cool.

This is my out-and-about-getting-shit-done look. I’ve had the jacket since the 90’s. Sure it was meant to be a trend but I turned it into a keeper. Found these Isabel Marant jeans on the Clearance rack at Nordstrom Rack. That means they went from Designer to Designer Sale to Nordstrom Rack to Rack Sale to Rack Clearance without anyone snagging them. How does that happen??!? Don’t care. We were meant to be. Mine for over 5 years and won’t let them go. T-shirt? Of course Love First. Making tree-hugging hip through the power of self-love….