I spent 6 years completely immersed in one of the most thorough yoga meccas in the United States: San Francisco, California. I studied attentively and passionately with teachers who are admired and respected globally. My documented training was with Rusty Wells and Janet Stone, while attending many workshops with Jason Crandell, Luke Ketterhagen, and Lauren Pisano.

A common thread throughout my teachers is the belief that we can heal through self-love. How you treat yourself will transcend into your existence. Fill yourself with joy, love and kindness and you will become them. Negative and positive energy cannot simultaneously coexist. Practicing yoga is an act of self-love. Self-love is the quietest, simplest, most powerful revolution ever.

The yoga I practice and teach is all about the breath. Some of my classes are faster-paced vinyasa flows. Some are chill restoratives. And some are a balance of both. Breath is the foundation of each practice; it is our window to our current state of being. Each asana is approached with respect and mindfulness so that our breath stays steady and at ease. We bring love into our bodies by breathing well.

Yoga is an individual’s journey of self-transformation. Your breath is also your personal trainer. It will guide you on how fast or slow or how deep into a pose you need to go.

I really dig music and I love to dance. Smile and laughter rock my world. Joy and play makes a presence in my practices. Why not? We are meant to play.